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Northern Black Sea coast

Clean and calm sea with shal low sloping sandy bottom, wide beaches with fine grain golden sands, venerable forest and numerous mineral springs. All these feathures make the Northern Black Sea coast an atractive place for Bulgarian and foreign holiday-makers. Even the most refined reqirements will be satisfied by the nothern resorts of Golden sands, Albena, Rusalka, Riviera, Sunny day, St . Konstantin and Elena.

The greatest fans of natural beauty and historical places can find peace in the Balchik Botanical Garden or the museum at the Kaliakra horn.

Location: Kavarna is a small port town which has a broad outlet on the Black Sea to the Eastern and Southern sides. The town is situated 60 km north of Varna and just 12km away from the picturesque Kaliakra cape. The coast is varied and there are cliffs combined with beaches and abrasive formations such as caves, fissures, etc. The area lacks surface running water and irrigation is most valuable. There is a steep cape called Kaliakra near the town, famous for the romantic legend about forty ‘maidens’ committing suicide in the name of Christianity. It is also famous for the caves - once the habitat of the extremely rare Black Sea monk seal.

Places of Interest: The high hill of Chirakman keeps the remains of Roman villas and walls, medieval buildings and churches. There is a town museum hosting interesting exhibits of the town's history, including an impressive Thracian collection, and also an Art Gallery and an Archeological Museum. Old buildings dating back to the Ottoman era, as well as remains from Greek and Roman times, are also preserved. Six km away from the city to the east is the Kaliakra cape, where an ancient fortress called Tirisis was located. According to legends the fortress was guarding the treasuries of Lyzimah, successor of Alexander the Great. Today there are quite many remains of those ancient settlements. One can also reads there a legend telling the story of several Bulgarian girls who chose to jump from the high cape into the sea but not to be captured and converted to Islam by the Turks.

Transport: Bulgaria is a 2.5 hour flight from the UK direct. Two scheduled airlines currently fly direct to Sofia once a day most other major European carriers fly indirectly.

There are a number of regional airports most notably Varna on the Black Sea coast. During the summer season, flights are available direct from nineteen different airports in the UK.

Kavarna is connected to Varna with a road passing through Balchik. Regular bus transport is complemented by private minibuses and taxis. One can also negotiate low-fare sea transport from the town to the nearby town of Balchik, the Kaliakra cape, nearby villages or camping sites with local boat owners.
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